How to Navigate Salary Expectations during an interview process

How to Navigate Salary Expectations during an Interview Process

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of a job interview can be discussing salary expectations. It’s a delicate balance between advocating for your worth and ensuring you don’t price yourself out of the opportunity. Here are some strategies to help you navigate this crucial conversation.

1. Research, Research, Research
Before stepping into the interview room, arm yourself with knowledge about the industry standards and typical salaries for the position you’re applying for. Websites like SEEK and LinkedIn can provide valuable insights into salary ranges.

2. Understand Your Own Value
Evaluate your skills and relevant experience. Consider how your expertise aligns with the job requirements and the value you can bring to the organisation. Confidence in your abilities will help you assert your worth during salary negotiations.

3. Provide a Range
When the topic of salary does arise, and it will, offer a range rather than a specific figure. This range should be based on your research. Make sure the range is wide enough to accommodate negotiation but narrow enough to reflect your true expectations.

4. Remain Flexible
While it’s essential to advocate for fair compensation, be prepared to compromise. If the employer can’t meet your desired salary, explore other areas where concessions can be made, such as additional vacation time or a flexible work schedule. Make sure this is agreed upon before signing an employment contract.

5. Recruiters can help
If using a recruiter, be upfront with what you want as they’ll pitch you at that specific figure. They also know what the company is willing to pay. The best part, they do the negotiating for you!

It’s always best to have salary discussions early in the interview process to avoid a situation where they offer you the job but at a salary lower than you’re willing to take. If this happens, here’s a script you can use.

“Thank you for this opportunity. I am really excited to be part of the XYZ team. Considering my extensive experience, I am aiming for a minimum salary of $ABC, aligning with industry standards and the value I will add to your team. I’m open to discussing other aspects of the compensation package.”

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