Common Interview Questions

If only you could predict what questions will be asked by the hiring manager before you enter the interview room… Although this is a dream that all job candidates would wish for, we are able to tell you the 3 most commonly asked interview questions as well as some advice on how to answer them and what not to say.

First, it is important to remember this one vital tip before preparing for an interview.

  • READ the job description and
  • RESEARCH the company!

Once you have read the job description and researched the company the main endeavour is completed. You will be able to answer the interview questions with more ease as well as have more insightful answers to the interview questions which will essentially place you ahead of all the other job applicants!

Just about every job interview starts off with an icebreaker, with the most common question being “Tell me a bit about yourself”. This is essentially your chance to shine and show your true character, what you enjoy most, your strengths and your hobbies. This will show the hiring manager whether you will be a good fit for the company and whether you can handle the job or not! Your answer should focus on your professional experience and interests to highlight your compatibility within the company as well as include a dash of personal interests or hobbies to add a bit of character! It is also important to remember not to ramble, as it is so easy to go off track and talk about irrelevant things!

The second and third most common questions go hand-in-hand…

“What are your greatest strengths?” and, “What do you consider to be your weaknesses?” So, how would you answer both of these questions? Since you may have already done your research on the company as well as read the job description you can manipulate your answers to fit into the criteria. You’ll want to answer this with quality over quantity. Instead of saying a whole list of your strengths and amazing qualities, stick to the few that are relevant to the job description and the company values. This may sound like, “I’m a great communicator”, and then give an example of how you may be considered a great communicator from past experiences!

For the question regarding “What do you consider to be your weaknesses?”, it is important to have your answer reflect your self-awareness as well as your honesty. So, “I can’t meet a deadline to save my life” is not an ideal response, but neither is, “Nothing! I’m perfect!” Instead think of something in between, something you struggle with but you’re working on to improve so essentially an action plan for your struggles!

For example, “I’ve never been strong at professional writing, but I’ve recently volunteered to attend writing seminars to help me get more confident with my business writing skills.”

Now that you know the top 3 most asked interview questions, go ahead and crush that interview! Remember it is normal to be nervous, but try to stay cool, calm and collected. To help calm these nerves before the interview it is best to take deep breaths in and out using the 4-7-8 breathing technique, known as a “relaxing breath”. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and exhale forcefully with a “whooshing” sound for 8, repeat this as needed!

You’ve got this!

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